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  • What is arii?
    arii is a subscription-based wellness platform that allows facilitators to share content related to mental- and spiritual-health. Wellness of our users is our number one priority. We help curate a personal wellness routine for users that works for them. For Facilitators: arii helps to scale your wellness business without having to master the art of marketing, website building, or algorithm-learning. Users subscribe to your content to receive your insights and practices. You can establish as many tiers of content as you’d like at whatever price point you prefer—including free subscriptions. For Users: arii is a place for you to start your mental health journey, explore new healing modalities, connect with facilitators and other users who actually get you. arii will help point you in the direction of facilitators and communities that are aligned with your unique wellness needs. This cuts down the daunting search process of finding the right therapist, coach or yoga instructor. Instead of committing to one person for hundreds a month, you can curate your own practice by subscribing to various facilitators and receive their content and daily practices. This allows you to explore more facilitators and healing styles, with added flexibility as you grow and change along your journey.
  • How much does it cost to use arii?
    arii is free to use for both users and facilitators. As a user, you’ll only pay for the monthly subscriptions you choose to subscribe to. As a facilitator, you will keep 80% of the revenue generated by subscriptions. arii will take the other 20% to cover operation costs, and credit card fees.
  • How often is content updated?
    Facilitators can post new content to their tiers of subscription or the Inspiration Feed as often as they like, and it will post immediately.
  • What is the Inspiration Feed?
    The Inspiration Feed is a place where both facilitator and users can post images, videos, and other content to inspire, motivate, and spread a sense of community. The feed is a place for growth, learning, connecting, and—most importantly—celebrating the wins that come along with healing.
  • What is My Daily Practice?
    My Daily Practice is where users will see all of the facilitators and programs they’re currently subscribed to. It’s the place where you’ll go to find your individualized ‘retreat in your pocket.’ As the facilitators you follow post new content, meditations, journal prompts, etc it will appear in your Daily Practice. This is where you can find personal content for your mental health journey.
  • How do I create my page?
    Visit and click on the For Facilitators button From there, you can sign up with your email and create a password, or you can sign up with Facebook or Google Then you enter your first and last name and a username associated with your account, as well as the healing modality you specialize in Hit “Join”, and voila! Welcome to arii! You can now begin building your page!
  • How do I create new tiers of subscription?
    From your My Programs page, click on “Add new tier”. From there you will be able to name the tier, set a price for it, and upload a thumbnail cover image. Hit “save tier”, and voila! A new subscription tier has been created.
  • How do I upload new content?
    You can upload content to both the Inspiration Feed and your subscription tiers. To add content to the Inspiration Feed, simply go to the Inspiration Feed and find the “Make your daily Inspiration Post” section at the top of the feed. Write whatever's on your mind, attach any files you want to include, and hit “Post”! To add content to a subscription tier, go to My Programs and select “Add new content”. From there you will be able to select the subscription tier you are adding to, name the content, add a description, and upload any relevant files. Hit “Save”, and watch your content appear!
  • How do I get paid?
    arii has partnered with Stripe to process payments. We recommend linking your Stripe to a checking account for the easiest deposits. You’ll need both your checking account number and your routing number to set up direct deposit—you can find those numbers in your bank account online or at the bottom of paper checks. When you enter your routing and account numbers, be sure to enter it without spaces or dashes.
  • What fees does arii charge?
    arii receives 20% of all subscriptions. This fee covers credit card fees, and operational costs of running arii.
  • How do I create an account?
    Visit and click on the User button From there, you can sign up with your email and create a password, or you can sign up with Facebook or Google Then you enter your first and last name and a username associated with your account, as well as the healing modality you specialize in Hit “Join”, and voila! Welcome to arii! You can now begin building your page!
  • Do I have to pay for arii?
    At its most basic level, arii is free for both users and facilitators to join and use! You can create your profile, access the Inspiration Feed, and follow free content tiers from facilitators without paying for anything. Payment comes into play when you decide to subscribe to a facilitator's premium content to see more of their work and offerings. How many facilitators you subscribe to is entirely up to you—the more people you choose to follow, the more customizable and tailored your healing experience will be.
  • Can I follow only free subscriptions?
    Yes! Facilitators have the option of creating free subscription tiers and offering whatever they’d like for free. The content offered at the free level will vary widely between facilitators.
  • What if I want to cancel my subscription to a facilitator?
    You can cancel your subscription by going to your My Subscriptions page, selecting “Active” and clicking “Cancel Subscription” on the subscription you’d like to cancel. To reactivate a canceled subscription, click on “Inactive”, and select “Restart subscription”.
  • How do I know your facilitators are professionals?
    Currently, arii personally vets each facilitator to ensure they have an established practice and history of working in the field they specialize in. As arii grows, so will our vetting system.
  • Is arii therapy?
    arii is a platform for connecting users to the mental- and spiritual-health and wellness experts best suited to help them on their journey. Facilitators on this platform have years of experience in a wide variety of fields and healing modalities. Our facilitators range from licensed therapists to holistic healers to yoga instructors. While there are clinical licensed therapists on the platform, the services they provide are outside the scope of a clinical setting.
  • Can I join arii if I’ve never seen a therapist before?
    Of course! If working on yourself is entirely new to you, welcome! arii exists to help people on their healing journey, no matter which stage you’re at. We’re so happy you’re here and taking these first steps. Feel free to use arii to learn more about different healing styles and try new things to see what feels best for you! Keep an open mind as to what might work best for you, and remember to be gentle with yourself. Healing is a long process that looks different for everyone.
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