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Accessible mental & wellness guidance for post-retreat integration

Continually curated and adapted for you along your journey

Certified Facilitators

Supportive Communities

Holistic Approach

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arii allows mental and spiritual wellness facilitators to create tailored guidance, content, and courses which users can readily access through free-to-low-cost subscriptions

What to expect?

A Wellcare Retreat in Your Pocket

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Experienced facilitators offering courses and content in a wide range of traditional and holistic practices

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Stay connected to your retreat facilitator and community from anywhere in the world

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Facilitator-curated programs you can easily subscribe to

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Join, interact, and grow within various arii communities

All-in-one platform for facilitators/retreats to connect with their clients through subscription content and community groups. Our platform offers the tools and resources for you to continue your wellness journey anywhere. With our easy-to-use and intuitive design, we make it easy for you to get the support you need.

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How arii Can Help You

How It Works

Retreat Partnership with arii? 

Have clients continue their journey through your unique guidance for post retreat integration. 

Interested in being an arii Facilitator?

All-in-one platform

Develop Programs

Upload content (like reels and podcasts) for users to subscribe to.

Create and Build Community

Post to the inspiration feed and facilitate groups.

Grow Your Practice

Use the Facilitator dashboard and track your earnings. 

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Start your journey towards improved mental health and wellness.

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